Do they know something we don’t?

3 11 2009

How is it that the news stations were able to call the results of the elections before 7PM? They close at 7. How do they know the results before they are reported? Are they basing their results solely on prior polls?

I think that a law should be passed that would make it illegal to report the results of an election before 95% of the precincts have reported. I get tired of hearing the election results getting called before the polls have even closed. This is especially true for Presidential elections. In the 2008 Election, the results were pretty much finalized by the media before all the states had their votes in.


How do Sex Offenders Vote?

3 11 2009

How can sex offenders vote in Chesapeake? Many voting precincts are located inside of school buildings while school is in session. Don’t get me wrong, most sex offenders are what they are for a reason: they were found guilty of a crime. They still, however, have the right to vote. Chesapeake Public Schools prohibits sex offenders from being on school property. The interior of the school is not always secured from those that are voting. Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Portsmouth, and Hampton all close their schools for Election Day. Why not Chesapeake? For a security standpoint, this is a very risky move. Is security not the top priority?