Regional Economic Development: Vision Hampton Roads

15 01 2010

The first comprehensive regional economic development plan has been released and is awaiting public comment. Entitled Vision Hampton Roads, the plan is designed to diversify our economy while at the same time making us eligible for federal grants. Visit to read the report and to voice your opinion. The public comment period is open until February 5th.


Norfolk Cruise Terminal – Best Year Yet

4 11 2009

That’s right. I said Best Year Yet. But how can that be? The Virginian-Pilot’s October 21st article said that the number of ships calling to Norfolk is the lowest since it opened. Along with that, the number of total passengers is down. How can it be the best year? Despite the Pilot’s best attempts to print yet another slanted article portraying a Norfolk project in a negative light, it is their own data from which I base my idea.

I draw my conclusions based on the fact that while the number of ships and passengers has declined, the total number of passengers per ship has increased drastically. I think that the increase in passengers per ship makes our Cruise Terminal more efficient, thus increasing total revenue per ship. That is why I think that it is more important to have more passengers per ship than it is to just have a lot of ships coming in.


Number of Cruise Ships (2010 Estimated)


Total Passengers (2010 Estimated)


Number of Passengers per Ship (2010 Estimated)