I am a member of Hampton Roads Transit’s User Citizen Advisory Committee. For those unfamiliar with this committee, its objectives, as stated by HRT, are:

  • Help keep Hampton Roads Transit informed about issues affecting our customers.
  • Suggest ideas for improving operations and services.
  • Provide input into Hampton Roads Transit customer outreach activities.
  • Share information with Hampton Roads Transit about customers and the community at-large about Hampton Roads Transit services and avenues for providing input concerning service improvements.

Hampton Roads Transit

**UPDATE** The UCAC is undergoing changes. As part of a general renovation so-to-speak of the TDCHR, it will be renamed the Transit Rider Advisory Committee (TRAC is alot easier for people than UCAC. We may also be restructuring to focus on riders of particular services versus the current city-oriented membership. Please contact Tamara Poulson if you have any question/comments or if you are interested in joining. Also, as part of this restructuring, we will be skipping our regularly scheduled July meeting and reconvening in September.

Disclaimer: While I am a member of HRT’s UCAC, I take sole responsibility of my views contained on  this site. These views are not to be taken to represent those of the UCAC, HRT, or any other affiliated organization.


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