Light Rail in Chesapeake?

3 12 2009

On November 24th, the City of Chesapeake officially and unanimously voted to push for a light rail study for their inclusion into regional light rail plans. This is a major and definitive move for Chesapeake, showing that they support a regional mass transportation system. A Greenbrier line connecting to Norfolk Naval Station would be a tremendous asset to a fledgling light rail system such as ours. A Chesapeake line would also set the stage for a line through Portsmouth and out to Suffolk. A system with a strong East-West corridor (Downtown Norfolk-Oceanfront) and a North-South corridor (Norfolk Naval Station-Greenbrier) would increase ridership and overall importance as well as add fuel to an extension to the Peninsula, thus giving us a truly regional system. Good job Chesapeake. If Virginia Beach does, for some unseen reason, back out yet again from progress, Chesapeake will be in a position to surpass Virginia Beach as the largest city in Virginia.




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4 12 2009

Never will Chesapeake be bigger than Va Beach

4 12 2009
Russell Manning

Thats what Norfolk said about Virginia Beach in the 60s. Norfolk had 300,000+ residents. Virginia Beach only had 84,000. In the 50, Virginia Beach had only 42,000. Chesapeake had over 100,000. It has happened. To assume that it could never happen again is to ignore the past and possibilities for the future.

4 12 2009

Henry mentioned in his post this will make 5 of the 7 cities interested in light rail. Suffolk i don’t expect to be interested right away but Hampton has no excuse. i’m sick of them piggybacking on NN ideas after they are pursued. yeah it’s gonna take joint effort but if u see the way they are trying to redevelop the city (or lack thereof) you’ll see that they are in no way utilizing the land to gear towards mass transit. i feel once it’s all said and done, Hampton is going to be the cause of a hold up in light rail connecting the southside with the peninsula via a tunnel

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