“Parkway’s Prospects Dim”

26 10 2009

That was the headline in Sunday’s ‘Hampton Roads’ section of the Virginian-Pilot. It is also a headline that I have hoped to see for a long time. I think that even the leaders of Virginia Beach are starting to admit that the project is not exactly a viable option now or in the future. The road would destroy hundreds of acres of wetlands in multiple fragile watersheds so that area residents have the possibility of shaving 7 minutes off of their commute. That’s $385 million per minute saved. Is it really worth it? If the residents are that concerned about the need for a highway, they would have purchased a home closer to an existing highway. There was a resident quoted in the article as saying, “I don’t think it will ever get built.” Thank you EPA. Thank you for sparing the taxpayers the cost of this incredibly overpriced parking lot.




3 responses

27 10 2009

yeah i don’t even know why they still have this as part of the Comp Plan

28 10 2009
Russell Manning

…So that they can fight for something… They know it has little chance of success. If they fight for it and they lose, its no harm to their reputation because it has been failing for 25 years. If they win, they get a new highway on their resume`. Regardless, it makes their representatives look like they work hard for transportation.

29 10 2009

if they wanna look good then fight for light rail

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