Norfolk Recycling

26 10 2009

A couple of topics regarding recycling in Norfolk:

First, at some point this fall, Norfolk’s Waste Management Division of the Department of Public Works will start a new program allowing residents to drop off recyclables not normally collected through the curbside recycling program, including cell phones, computers, televisions, batteries, and other electronics. In addition to this, they will also be accepting household hazardous waste for disposal including used motor oil, paint, solvents, and compact florescent bulbs. This program should help residents find a simpler alternative to disposing of hazardous materials in their regular trash can.

Speaking of recycling, if you have not heard, SPSA is supposed to end its curbside recycling programs in 2010. This is not a problem in Virginia Beach, where they started recycling with a third party back in 1996. Chesapeake has said that they are not concerned and that they were already looking into other solutions. While I am not sure of how the other cities are planning for this event, I do know that Norfolk has stated that they are committed to continuing current recycling programs after the SPSA plan ends.




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