Be back soon….

16 07 2009

I do appologize for the lack of posts. Just as in every summer for the past 5 years, I am working at a Boy Scout camp and will be there until mid August. I do have internet and I do try to keep up with the news but I just do not have time to write like I normally would. While this does slightly depress me, it is made up with the fact that I am working here helping young people grow in themselves and strengthen their character and their abilities. This week, I have a kid that was absolutely and utterly afraid of the water on Monday when he arrived. He did not even want to be near the pool. Today, however, we had him up to his neck in the shallow end of the pool and he was enjoying every minute of it. That is why I sacrifice my Summer and my writing of this blog. I put up with all sorts of stuff working here but something like this makes it all worthwhile.