VA Beach Traffic Cams

20 04 2009

Watch out! Virginia Beach is slowly installing more and more traffic cams. They currently have 4 up and running:

  • Kempsville Rd & Indian River Rd.
  • Independence Blvd. & Virginia Beach Blvd.
  • Indian River Rd. & Military Hwy. – Grace period ends April 30th
  • Holland Rd. & Rosemont Rd. – Grace period ends May 21st

I’m not sure where I stand on the actual use of traffic cameras. Right now I lead to the ‘opposed’ side of the fence. I am definitely opposed to Virginia Beach’s new installations, however. They should be spending more wisely but apparently they think otherwise.

VA Beach Traffic Cams

VA Beach Traffic Cams

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5 responses

20 04 2009

Does this mean they brought them back? I thought they did away with them a few years ago because of “invasion of privacy” or something?

20 04 2009
Russell Manning

Yeah. Last time, they were part of a pilot program. When the pilot program ran out, the state failed to give approval to continue. Virginia Beach fought for it ever since and they got state approval. They have 20 intersections planned. Chesapeake is also reportedly considering cameras for some intersections.

22 04 2009
Michael Ragsdale

For anyone opposed, it is assumed it’s because you RUN the red lights

Stop on Red and guess what? No ticket!

As for the moron who rear-ends someone, it’s their fault for following too closely

23 04 2009
Russell Manning

The biggest issue I have with traffic cams is that if I loan my car to a friend and he runs a red light, I get the ticket. Actually, the car is not registered i my name, meaning that person get the ticket. How is that fair?

1 06 2009

A friends ex-wife got a ticket and I saw it. There is a clear picture of the driver, it would be easy to dispute who is driving.

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