Don’t Catch My Illegal Bike

13 04 2009

I have known that bicycles are required to be registered since I was in the 3rd grade, 13 years ago. Is my bike registered? No. Were any of my previous bikes registered? No. Its not that I didn’t want to get it registered. I’ve been telling myself to go do it now for years. Unfortunately, I have never had the time to or will to ride my bike to the nearest police station. There are no convenient stations. Regardless, the Norfolk police have apparently been cracking down on unregistered bikes for the past few years. Thankfully, they never got mine. It has caused me to think of a couple of things. First, I’m going to go get a registration on Tuesday because they are useful if your bike gets stolen. Second, I think there are two possible ways to solve the problem. They should either make registrations optional, or make them available at all police and fire stations, libraries, City Hall, and perhaps certain businesses, like bike shops.

The city finally figured out how to register my dog, by making the registration available at the vet’s office. Why not try the same for bikes?




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