Push for **Southside** High Speed Rail

12 04 2009

The main reason that the Southside should get High Speed Rail: The Peninsula already has rail service. The Virginian-Pilot article said that “The Peninsula train would be $181 million and the trip would take just over an hour.” While not classified as ‘high-speed,’ I checked Amtrak. I can take an Amtrak from Newport News to Richmond in one hour and 10 minutes. That sounds pretty close to “just over an hour.” Would it not make better sense to fight for high speed rail to go to Downtown Norfolk, where it could tie in with the future regional hub for light rail? Perhaps in the future, a light rail connection could be built to tie in with a high speed rail station in Suffolk. That way the whole region is tied in together. The Peninsula should not be fighting the Southside and vice versa. Fighting together is what has brought us where we are now. Fighting has achieved nothing more in our area than an assorted collection of biggie-sized former farm roads and bottlenecks. We need to work together to show the businesses of the country and worldwide investors that this region is serious about working together to achieve anything. Right now, we have very little transportation-wise that could make our region look attractive. We live in a cul-de-sac of the Highway System, we currently rely soley on cars to move people, and we seem to fight about everything. We need to work together to show our legislators that we mean business. We will not settle for average. We want a regional mass transportation system. We want a highway system that does not bottleneck. We want a highway system without (pot)holes in it. We want a third crossing. These things are not magically going to happen. They need support from our elected officials in order to get funding. Everybody knows that elected representatives want to stay in office. I say: Fix it or get out. If our elected leaders cannot have the leadership to get things done, we don’t need them. But we need to show them we are serious. This high speed rail is the perfect start-point.




2 responses

13 04 2009

my sentiments exactly

14 04 2009

I really believe this is the future to HR. The whole southside needs to get on board. I’m talking about protesting outside Richmond type stuff if they decide to forget about HR. We have the fifth largest metro in the south, the US Navy Headquarters, && light rail coming. Much more than other areas to be serviced by high speed rail. Let’s go Hampton Roads we can do this.

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