A Compliment for Chesapeake

10 04 2009

I usually spend alot of time knocking both Virginia Beach and Chesapeake for various reasons. This time, however, I would like to compliment Chesapeake for something that I wish could be said about my home city of Norfolk. No matter the topic or department, whenever I have made a comment or suggestion, I have always recieved a timely response. Not only do they respond, but they actually look into what I suggest. For example, late last year, when I made a suggestion about the bike lane on the Dominion Blvd. project, my suggestion was actually forwarded to the engineer and project manager to look into. More recently, when I made my suggestion about HRT route #13, I recieved an immediate response from the City Manager’s office, letting me know who my comment was forwarded to and gave me a deadline by which I would hear a response. Prior to that deadline, I did recieve a response. I recieved an actual phone call explaining that the city is looking inot the improvements and they have sent the suggestions to HRT for cost estimates, planning notes, etc. Hopefully we will see some results.

Keep up the good work Chesapeake! I hope that each of the cities in Hampton Roads follows your example on excellent customer service and responsiveness.




4 responses

10 04 2009

well that’s good…

don’t send any suggestions to Hampton. they’ll never get back to u, lol

14 04 2009

I sent them the proposition about the 13 coming further down the road. I even detailed them increased ridership estimates, cost estimates, and the most efficient route. Hopefully we will see something come from it.

16 04 2009

if you hear anything about the subject could you email me at baseballgrayson@yahoo.com. thanks

20 04 2009

This reminds me of my summer interning with the City of Chesapeake in the Engineering Dept. (summer of 04). Great city to work with, great people.

I go to Tech, but my parents live in Greenbrier and I’ve lived there my entire life, that area has exploded over the years and the traffic has become horrible. Chesapeake has so much land but they are using it for revenue and not using smart planning. I just hope light rail will become more of a realization according to their MTP running between Battlefield & Greenbrier. The City Park could have a really great Park & Ride station, or maybe in the field currently being used by that lawn care service (bunch of piles of mulch). It’s unfortunate that P&R is the way it has to be in this suburban region, but like someone said on Urban Planet, light rail may improve the bus system by acting as a “feeder” system to the stations. I’m graduating soon with a BS in Civil Engineering, but really want to focus my attention on Urban Planning for graduate studies now. It’s such an exciting field.

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