VDOT: Jamestown-Scotland Ferry

26 03 2009

VDOT wants to close or at least cut back on the vehicle ferry that crosses the James River between Jamestown and Scotland. While most people around South Hampton Roads probably did not even know that a ferry existed, let me assure you: That ferry is as important a link between Surry County and the Williamsburg area as any connection in South Hampton Roads. Let me give you some examples:

  • Imagine Closing the HRBT or the MMBT
  • Imagine closing I-264 around Newtown Road. Now imagine you had to get from Lynnhaven Mall to Downtown Norfolk. In order to be comparable, you would have to take I-264 to First Colonial southbound, take Oceana to General Booth to Princess Anne to Indian River to Mount Pleasant to Blackwater to Indian Creek (go past Northwest River Park) to Gallbush to the Chesapeake Expressway to I-464.

Detour: Lynnhaven to Downtown

  • Or, say you live in Suffolk and want to go to Downtown Norfolk. Except you have to go via Cedar Road AND Shore Drive.

Detour from Suffolk to Downtown

We would not tolerate a detour like that. These people shouldn’t either. That ferry is used by thousands of people a day. Williamsburg Area Transport (their bus service) runs a route across the ferry to Surry for commuters. South Hampton Roads residents need to support Surry County. If VDOT decides they can start closing highways, who’s next?

Jamestown-Scotland Ferry

Jamestown-Scotland Ferry Detour – Click for map larger image



26 03 2009

Apologies for the lack of post recently. I have been engaged with a number of different things. At least two of those had to do with HRT.

First, I came up with a report to give them about their System Map. While I was a major supporter of this when they came up with it, I wish they would have sent us (the UCAC) a draft for review. Overall, it is a great thing. I think HRT was the largest transit company in the country without one. However, they got it designed out in Tennessee. No offense to the Volunteer State, but they aren’t exactly next door neighbors with HRT. I think this is probably a reason for some of the errors in the Map that we see as common sense (for example, you can’t make a right hand turn out of the Downtown Tunnel). You can view my comments on the Map here.

Second, I have been trying to come up with suggestions to improve the Chesapeake end of Route 13, which runs from Downtown norfolk to Chesapeake TCC. Basically, I want to cut out the drawbridge by rerouting to Mount Pleasant via the Expressway. I also think that it can better serve the municipal center by coming in the back way (Albemarle Dr.) instead of from Cedar. After it hits TCC it should continue to Wal-Mart before turning bak to Norfolk.

Proposed Route 13I think that this would be a great improvement to a route that seems to be designed to serve a minimal number of students and people going to court. It even has a stop specifically for the bail bondsman.