Norfolk’s Economic Stimulus List

24 02 2009

Norfolk released their wishlist for the Economic Stimulus plan yesterday. It includes $556.8 million in projects. Overall, I am impressed by the list. Unlike Virginia Beach’s ‘needed’ tennis courts and play grounds, Norfolk’s list is made up of projects that would improve city efficiency. In fact, as far as I can tell, Bay Oaks Park is the only recreation project in the list. They plan on upgrading to energy efficient lighting and heating/cooling systems for the city’s largest properties. They also have $346.5 million in renovations/additions/replacements for school facilities. $38.6 million is included for transit purposes, including $500,000 for a bus transfer facility at Harbor Park and $550,000 for the Salter Street bus transfer station (commonly referred to as Cedar Grove). I am not quite sure why they need money for both, as one would negate the need for the other. Either they are trying to back-charge the cost of Cedar Grove or they are going to try to extend something like the 310 to Harbor Park and call it good. Whatever their reason, I will find out. We need to create a complete transfer station at Harbor Park and close the Cedar Grove spot. If you would like to view Norfolk’s plan yourself, it is listed on




One response

24 02 2009
Michael Ragsdale

I say don’t use the money on Cedar Grove but instead redo the Harbor Park Tide Station to make it a transit center. (see TriMet ( for plenty of examples)

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