SPSA: A Landfill of Money

29 01 2009

This is probably one of the best quotes so far of the year:

“I would lose my job running an agency like that.”
-William Harrell, Chesapeake City Manager, referring to SPSA’s debacle yesterday.

In case you hadn’t heard, SPSA unveiled a plan to allow them to maintain low tipping fees at yesterday’s meeting. Unfortunately, they did not inform anybody of this plan until the meeting itself. In fact, SPSA’s Public Information Director did not know about the plan and worked diligently to produce copies before the end of the meeting. SPSA’s Executive Director apparently knew that this plan was in the works, but decided that it was not important enough to notify anybody. The board members themselves were not even notified.

If I was in charge, this is where it would end. If I am on your Board of Directors, you answer to the Board. You will keep the Board informed or you willlose you job. That is where I stand. SPSA has been slowly driven into the ground over the past few years. Well, more like a plane crash from a high altitude. Except instead of ejecting or attempting a crash landing, the pilot in this case is going to wait until it crashes and then ask the Emergency Responders if they can help him pay for a new plane. The management of SPSA needs to be evaluated and replaced if need-be. Also, the Board of Directors should be evaluated and replaced as necessary.




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