Chesapeake Finally Progresses

28 01 2009

Excellent job Chesapeake! You have officially moved from the Old Age Thinking to the New Age Thinking. You no longer expect the State or Federal Government to pay for your transportation projects. You have accepted innovation and fresh ideas. That was the principal on which the original Jordan Bridge was built. A man saw a need for a bridge so he built it. He financed it himself and reaped the benefits of his foresight until he transferred it to the City. Hopefully, after 80 years, Chesapeake will take better care of this one. 😛   Seriously, though, good job!




3 responses

6 02 2009

why does it look like a tunnel under the bridge?

6 02 2009
Russell Manning

I think its just the substructure of the bridge. It is designed to only need one piling instead of many like there are on most of the other bridges around here.

7 02 2009

ok cool. i take it that’s more cost effective? btw, did u watch What Matters thurs and fri?

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