Possible Transportation Assistance

23 01 2009

Re: Two Transportation Bills to be Introduced Today – Virginian Pilot – January 23

Good job Del. Alexander (D-Norfolk) and Del. Melvin (D-Portsmouth). Go against the grain and create a proposal that would actually raise money and solve problems. Despite the politically dangerous move of proposing to increase taxes, I think that your constituents, including myself, will be pleased with a decision to actually push for some change. I know that if we had added nearly $0.20 to the gas tax ten years ago, we would have a very nice third crossing as well as almost every other project that we want.
Also, while I enjoy making people pay their fair share for roads (drivers paying gas tax), I enjoy watching the wealthy pay a share more in relation to their income and to what others pay. I know last year I made under $15,000 last year and paid 5.96% taxes. Why am I making less than $15k and paying a greater percentage than those making $300k? I could have saved $30 if my taxes were only 5.75%



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