Jordan Bridge Bus

23 01 2009
The City of Chesapeake and HRT are discontinuing the Jordan Bridge bus. They say it is due to low ridership. Was that not obvious before they created it? How many people did they they would ride? The key to a successful route is one that has stops where people are coming from and where people are going. A successful route also has a travel time that is either comparable to driving (if they are trying to capture drivers as users) or have total route times that drop off at the work area before work is supposed to begin. Out of those three basic requirements for a successful route, the Jordan Bridge bus had one. It went to where people wanted to go. Unfortunately, however, it was not where people were coming form. People working at the shipyard did not necessarily all live near the bridge. More likely, they drove out of their way (farther from their house than the alternatives) to the Jordan Bridge because it let off right at their destination and that made it quicker than taking an alternative, even though the alternative may have been closer to their house. Why would they now drive to the Jordan Bridge just so that they can get on a bus, drive back in the direction of their house or much farther away from their house than the alternative driving route, just to get get stuck in the traffic as if they had driven?
If Chesapeake really had wanted this route to work, they would have made a more comprehensive express route, perhaps making stops in areas with larger concentrations of shipyard workers and then going to the shipyard.



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