Jordan Bridge Toll

4 01 2009
Lets get this straight. The HRMPO is questioning how the company that proposes to build a new Jordan Bridge plans to make money. They wonder if cars will even use it if is tolled at $2 a car. Why is this an issue. The current municipally controlled Jordan Bridge is closed. That means zero cars are using it. This company wants to build a new bridge at zero cost to anyone but themselves. They (and their investors) are obviously certain that they can turn a profit. Who is the HRMPO to question that? Even if ONE car drives across their bridge daily, it would be an improvement over zero. They also do not need a toll cap. They will set the tolls at the perfect rate. Too low and heavy traffic will negate the convenience of the bridge. Too high and cars will use alternate routes, cutting into their profits. Let them build the bridge. Do not restrict them. No government around can build a new one. If the bridge loses money and the company pulls out what happens? They wouldn’t spend the money to tear it down. They would hand it over to the region. In other words, if it is successful, we win and if it fails, we win. Build the bridge.



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