Get back to work, VDOT

11 12 2008
On my previous post, I apologize. I spelled typical wrong. True, I just criticized VDOT for a spelling error while I made one myself. Just for a second, however, lets compare a few things. This project cost the taxpayers of Virginia $500,000. It was somebody’s JOB to get that right. Myself, on the other hand, wrote that article at nearly 3 AM this morning, after getting 3 hours of sleep the night before, writing a 10 page paper, finishing another 10 page paper, writing 4 two page responses to international news incidences, and writing a 1000 word review on the meeting. On top of all that, I had not eaten since my pack of Ramen noodles at noon. So, yes, i apologize for my mistake. Now, I rarely ever reveal my viewers however, through my stat counter on my site, I can see that BOTH of those comments came from VDOT computers during business hours. So, maybe, if you spent more time doing your JOB and less time surfing the internet, things might get better. GET BACK TO WORK VDOT!



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12 12 2008

What a me-centric attitude!

Of course you are the only one in the world that doesn’t make mistakes…

Maybe when the world is replaced with a bunch of robots to serve you… you will finally be happy… or would you?

12 12 2008
Russell Manning

I only expect those who get paid to do their jobs. When I am working (and at all of my previous jobs) I always expected to get punished if I failed to do my job properly. I understand that people make mistakes and that is fine, however, when you have fewer than 15 words and make an error (versus my over 1000 words typed in that sitting) it becomes hard to swallow. I write this blog because I enjoy it. I write this blog because there are certain things in Hampton Roads (and Virginia) that need to be fixed. VDOT, on the other hand, get paid. It is their job. If I had such a “me-centric” attitude, I would have merely deleted the negative comments, fixed my error, and pretended like it never happened. When someone makes a mistake, I expect an apology, a correction, and an attempt to do better in the future. I expect no less of myself, hence me following all of those above expectations. So far, I have remained civil. I have only stated facts as well as minor logical conclusions. You, on the other hand, have stuck with name-calling, spite, and hate.

12 12 2008

What has the world come to when a 21 year old who thinks he knows everything can spend his abundance of spare time criticizing others. Grow up. Get a life. Get a job. Attend more than one Public Meeting before you pass judgment on the thousands of dedicated workers who come to the job every day so that your sorry ass can drive where you need to go. A simple “thank you” would have sufficed.

12 12 2008
Russell Manning

Well, for your information, I have attended EVERY public meeting that VDOT has put on in the Norfolk area for the past few years. I have also attended all of the public meetings for HRT and the HRMPO. How dare you pass judgment on me solely based on my age? I NEVER passed judgment on you or any other individual. I pointed out a mistake and have only received CHILDISH arguments in return. I write for multiple local and regional groups. I am a member of the citizen board at HRT. I attend over half of the Norfolk City Council meetings and my civic league meetings. You think that just because I am 21 then I should be grouped in with the rest of the “sorry ass” 21-year-olds. VDOT, by the way, has done very little to help me drive anywhere. VDOT has more success in other regions of VA than in Hampton Roads. Here, all we have is a motley group of bottlenecks and a list of projects that probably will not be built in my lifetime. I understand that half of the problem is the VA legislature. I also understand that MOST of the VDOT employees are hard working people that do their jobs. There are, without a doubt, hundreds of useless state government workers. Some of these work for VDOT, but there are a lot that work for other agencies as well. Finally I have a life and, as a Political Science major, I will get a job. That job will be to eliminate government waste.

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