Charlotte Light Rail Model

5 12 2008
In the Pilot today, they published an article about the Charlotte, North Carolina Light Rail line. Charlotte’s line had many problems to start with, similar to any major project, including Norfolk’s. What interests me is that last year people said that Norfolk would have as many problems as Charlotte did. They compared these town places in the hopes of using Charlotte to demonstrate ‘yet another failed LRT project.’ It is very interesting that these same people are now saying that they should not be compared due to their density difference. I’ve checked it out and both areas have approximately the same density along the light rail line. Norfolk’s Light Rail will work. For all those people that complain that they will sit in traffic while the Light Rail goes by, perhaps you could get on it. Interesting concept, huh? I live near Norview. I know that I would rather drive to Military Circle and ride the Tide Downtown versus pay for parking and try to fight all you crazy drivers from Chesapeake and VA Beach trying to leave Downtown during rush hour. Also would be nice during the holidays (esp. the parade) and during Downtown events. If, rather, when they extend this to the Beach, I know that despite the nay-sayers, thousands a day would rather drive to a Tide station and ride in than fight the traffic. Thank you Charlotte, and good luck Tide




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6 12 2008
Michael Ragsdale

Or better yet, since you want to head into Downtown via Military, take the 3 to the 15?

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