Virginia Beach to object to Uranium mine

26 11 2008
While to find fault with their argument about hurricanes hitting the near-Appalachian region with force, I do support their objections. Nuclear Power is the dirtiest power source imaginable. While proponents of it disagree, I stand by my assertion due to the fact that while coal residue settles eventually or gets absorbed by plants, nuclear waste stays with us for millions of years. Nuclear power’s beginnings are dangerous as well as the byproduct and the production itself.Rather than spend money of furthering this incredibly dangerous power source, we, especially Hampton Roads, should be promoting truly clean power. Hampton Roads has an especially large stake in this. Dirty power, including the so-called ‘clean coal,’ is contributing to Global Warming. I do not believe that people are the sole cause of global warming, but we certainly aren’t helping. Even if we contributed absolutely nothing to Global Warming, we, as moral people, should make an effort to be good stewards to the planet. On that note, Hampton Roads as well as Virginia, should push for truly clean energy. Imagine instead of off-shore drilling, we built off shore wind turbines. Virginia Beach could profit from that as well as waves-to-power technologies. Suffolk and Chesapeake, with their quantity of open fields, could benefit from a full-scale solar plant. The Urban areas of Hampton Roads could benefit from an increase in private solar use, lessening the need for electrical and gas infrastructure. If we could power ourselves with clean energy, we would only need to fall back on clean coal plants and nuclear for nighttime or inclement weather power. That right there would reduce the amount of CO2 released into our air. It is possible. It does require government assistance however. The Local, State, and Federal government should tax industries that create pollution and earmark that money to be used for furthering clean energy. Normally, I would be against government telling business what they should or should not be doing, however, this cause certainly benefits all of us. If sea levels do indeed rise within the next hundred years (as predicted), most of Hampton Roads would be under water. I think that as far as weighing costs is concerned, that it would be cheaper to fund clean power than it would be to raise every structure in our area by 5 feet including roads and infrastructure.



One response

27 11 2008

It's not so much that Pittsylvania County would get hit with hurricane or even tropical storm-force winds, it's that when these large systems make their way up from the Gulf or in from the Atlantic that can cause tremendous weather events like flash flooding. It's been several years ago (2004), but do you remember when the remnants of Hurricane Ivan spawned a series of multiple tornado warnings in that region? The bigger hurricanes will move far inland, dumping at times inches and inches of rain when they stall. Hence, the danger of flooding and stormwater runoff that would be extremely difficult to control in those situations.

In Virginia Uranium's permit application for exploratory drilling, the state asks the company to list the “rivers, streams, tributaries or water impoundments on or adjacent to permitted property.” It states Mill Creek and Georges Creek flow into Whitehorn Creek, which flows into the Banister River, which flows into the Dan River. (The Dan River originates in Patrick County, Va., and ultimately flows into the Kerr Reservoir on the Roanoke River.) What would be the odds of it happening? No one knows. Is it totally unrealistic to think it could happen? No.

I never thought I would see the major flash floods that have struck several places in Virginia in the past 20 years, but it happened. And VUI is talking about possibly mining for 30 years? It also would likely be the old-fashioned open pit mining (not ISL mining being used in places like Wyoming). So please do keep your radar on with this issue. There's also no guarantee that any of the yellowcake that would be produced from their proposed mine & mill would be used in Virginia — or that this junior exploration company would remain locally owned.
Lots to think about, so many thanks for paying attention.

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