Good Job Dollar Tree

26 11 2008
Dollar Tree, a Hampton Roads native, reported a healthy 20% growth in profits. Not only is this a great thing, economy considered, but I have to commend them for the variety they have kept at only $1. A couple years ago, a friend of mine told me that he thought that Dollar Tree would go out of business, due to their self-imposed $1 and item limit. As prices continue to rise, their profit margins would shrink. But Dollar Tree thought different, and continued to expand their selection and their stores, and now, when everyone is looking to buy smarter, they have surpassed the norm. I went into a Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago; I had not been in one in a few years. In the past, I had only found cheap toys and random household items that were neither useful or well-built. This last visit, however, I was suprised. I found a wide selection of household items that seemed of decent quality. It was, in my opinion, a $1 K-Mart. They had everything that one might need on a day to day basis. They even have food now. Just the basics, but enough for a family (or college student such as myself) in hard times to get by without debt. So congrats Dollar Tree, on a [local] job well done.



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