AIG – Its about time

26 11 2008
AIG or American International Group, Inc, announced that it will pay its top executives $1 per year for this year and 2009. In turn, the executives will receive and an unspecified amount of stock. There will be no bonuses at all for the year-end of 2008 and no salary increases for its top 50 executives. Excellent! This company affects the lives of ALL Hampton Roads residents, either as customers or taxpayers, footing the bill for their $150 billion bailout. I think that all executives of any for-profit corporation should be held to this same rule. No top executive should receive salary pay, but instead should be compensated solely with stock. This would lead to more reasonable corporate business policies. All executives would receive an amount of money that is directly related to how well the business is run. An exception to this would be new executives, to be allowed to make changes to a company without worry about what the previous executives did.



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