Manufactured Lines

4 11 2008
I got up early and went to the polls. I got there at six AM sharp. There was already a 2-hour line. So I waited for 2 hours thinking. I came to a realization that these lines were completely manufactured by the media. We were told that there would be long lines so we should get there early. So everybody got there early… causing the long lines that they will base their news stories off of. My grandfather, on the other hand, waited until 1:30 PM, and was in and out in 5 minutes. Next time people, don’t get there early. It only serves as gratification for the news. By the time I had voted, the line was cut down to 30 minutes. If everyone had waited to show up until after six, there would have been no line. If you have 2000 people in a precinct and half vote in the first 2 hours, then that leaves a near empty day for the rest of the day.

Virginian Pilot



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