Regional Gangs Part 2

27 10 2008

In a recent trip in Chesapeake, I ran into another cache of graffiti. This one however did not appear to be gang-related. You may find that as a positive sign, but I beg to differ. Instead of gang-related signs, that tend to be pro-gang-on-gang violence, this was a general hate the police and destroy the government message. I actually think this is worse. Below, I have posted some photos and, for the benefit of those who dislike, profanity, I have blocked out the obscenities.

“Kill Cops”
“MDC: Millions of Dead Cops”
“F*** the Cops”
And Lastly,
“Lets burn this city to the ground to turn our soil rich and black, lets take our whole world back”

Doesn’t that just give you a warm, fuzzy feeling? I really do not mean to rip on Chesapeake, I really don’t, but the reason I like using them as the example is because it is a place that people feel safe in. Virginia Beach and Chesapeake have the same problems as Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, and Newport News. I do have to give credit where credit is due, however. I must commend Chesapeake; since my first call about the graffiti hot spot, they have repainted the tunnels 3 times. We need a REGIONAL gang unit. If you think that gangs stop at the borders, you’d better think again. They don’t care about what the law-abiding consider boundaries.



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