Ryan Frederick

10 09 2008

I really don’t like stories where the police seem like the bad guys. Most of them are excellent cops that do excellent things. Occasionally, however, you get a few (or a department) that seems to think with something other than their heads. Case in point: City of Chesapeake V. Ryan Frederick.
Everyone has heard the news stories and speculation about what happened. Wednesday, however, the Chesapeake Police finally outlined their case.
First the police claim that Frederick’s garage was broken into days before the shooting took place. During this robbery, they claim, burglars took half of the marijuana that was inside. They then allege that Frederick contacted one of the robbers and told him, “I know the police are coming to my house. I know why they are coming to my house , and I have a plan for them, too.” Thus comes my issue #1: If the police informant IS the robber, how credible is a thief that breaks into people’s houses. Furthermore, how credible is he if he stole half of what police called a “significant … growing operation?” He’s certainly not going to destroy the drugs, or he would have left them for the Police to discover. He didn’t turn them over to the police or we certainly would have heard about that already. Whats left for him to do but either smoke it or sell it? If its for personal use, then he’ll be set for life, but I’m going to go ahead and say, he probably would sell it. Can we trust a police informant who is apparently a breaking-and-entering, drug-dealing theif? If the informant is not the robber, how do we know what frederick said to the robber if he did indeed call him?
#2 If Frederick “had a plan for [the cops] too,” wouldn’t it have been more significant than what he had? I would have thought something more substantial like an assault weapon of some sort would have been used.
#3 Police claim that after the burglary, Frederick removed the rest of the plants. At they time of the raid, they seized grow lights, tubs containing traces of marijuana, and magazines such as “Marijuana Horticulture.” You mean to tell me that while Frederick was under surveillance, he managed to dispose of a half-garage full of live marijuana plants without the police seeing him? Furthermore, if he did dispose of that much weed, why would he leave the lights, tubs, and especially the magazines?
#4 The police ‘clear up’ the speculation of a .233 calibur shell that was found at the scene. They claim that the shell fell out of the pocket of a SWAT team member that arrived at the scene after the shooting. Wait. What? The Chesapeake Police ADMITTED TO CONTAMINATING THE CRIME SCENE and they still expect the people of Chesapeake and Hampton Roads to believe them?!? Why does SWAT carry spent shells around with them? If they carry those, how do we know they dont carry baggies of weed as well? They obviously were on something when they carried out this raid.




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