Bay Oaks Park

10 09 2008

Finally, the end may be here. After years of fights, hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent fighting against the taxpayers; a solution is in sight. The city has proposed cutting the property in half. The west half will become park and the east half will be houses. This seems to be reasonable, since the east half already has some houses built on it. It also has the support of both the City Council AND the Bay Oaks Park Committee. I think that this plan is a good move forward, as long as the houses constructed fit into the area. This means moderate sized homes with front porches and windows, not gargantuan vinyl monstrosities that you might find elsewhere. This is the only thing that bothers me, because nowhere have I heard exactly what will be built there. Only time will tell.

View Larger Map
Green designated where the Bay Oaks Prak will be located, Red will be development.



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