Virginian Pilot – Fact?

27 08 2008

Re:Norfolk City Council revises ban on public cursing“, 20 August 2008

“The City Council voted 7-1 on Tuesday to revise an ordinance that made cursing in public a crime. A nearly identical statute in Virginia Beach was ruled unconstitutional nearly two decades ago by the Virginia Court of Appeals.”

That is a direct quote from the article. I assume that the writer checked his facts and that the second statement is true. Then I read the editorial in today’s paper, “Antiquated profanity law is Norfolk’s curse” It briefly compares Norfolk’s law to that of Virginia Beach, stating “If Norfolk’s ordinance on profanity turned out to be unconstitutional, only the courts could estimate precisely how unconstitutional Virginia Beach’s law might be.”

Um… I think they already did that. Perhaps the Virginian Pilot writers need to READ THEIR OWN PAPER before they comment on the news!




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