Who’s going to Disney World?

26 08 2008

The entire policy against theme parks is ridiculous. First, Chesapeake claimed safety reasons for the rule. Then they tell the parents that the trip needs to be more educational. First off, the way most schools perform with these SubStandards of Learning, the trip is probably already MORE educational than the day at school. Second, how would making it more educational make it safer? Would not a simple waiver form suffice? If every child going on the trip were to have a parent/guardian sign a waiver of liability, who would it hurt? In the unlikely even that someone DID get injured, the Chesapeake Public School system would not be held responsible. This trip is not required, therefore school insurance would not be required if waivers were in hand. Come on Chesapeake, set the standard to bring common sense back to the school administration. Set the precedent for the surrounding area. Be leaders, not sheep.




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