HRT – Drivers need to pay attention, follow directions

19 08 2008

So I arrive at the Cedar Grove lot today at about 3:30 PM to find the #20 running into the #962 MAX. Yes, actually running INTO it. Apparently other buses up further in the line had not pulled up as they should, which left the #962 hanging out in the driveway. This lead the #20 to get the bright idea of going around. She the proceeded to put the rear corner of the #962 into her rear doors.
Consequently, they blocked the entire access to the Cedar Grove Transfer Station. Due to the lack of access all of the other buses reverted to transferring passengers on Salter Street. This wouldn’t be so bad, except that there’s no place to walk (hills and landscaping) and that they were actually transferring ON Salter St:
Not only was this incredibly dangerous for passengers, but it led to other buses being delayed and broke fire code by blocking the entire street. I think that all the bus drivers should have disposable cameras in their buses. That way, in an accident (whether here or away) they can take pictures and then move out of the way. Both these buses were completely drivable, they just had to wait while the HRT guy came out to take pictures. In the meantime, however, bus traffic was tied up, forcing the passengers into dangerous situations.

Is a picture for an insurance claim worth the life of a passenger?




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20 08 2008
Michael Ragsdale

Linked. Thanks. 10-10 at Cedar Grove

20 08 2008
Avenging Archangel

HRT’s normal procedure is have a Supervisor come out to investigate, and that Supervisor takes the photos. Let me point out the conflict in having a driver collect evidence of their own error.

It was inevitable, as I’ve seen 4-5 close calls at Cedar Grove.

20 08 2008
Russell Manning

well in a normal car accident, is it not myself taking the picture of MY accident? If everyone waited for the insurance company to come out to take their own pictures, traffic flow would be doomed as we know it. I think that the drivers should be trusted to take their own photos. If, after the accident, the driver had failed to accomplish this new responsibility then appropriate discipline could be administered.

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