Mass Transit beats all but HRBT

5 05 2008

In a recent poll by Christopher Newport University (30 April 2008. VA Pilot. B1) they found that Expanding the HRBT was the top priority of citizens in our area. That is not surprising at all, really. What might be more surprising is that second on the list was to improve/expand mass transit, including light rail. This mass transit option beat out Widening I-64 on the Peninsula and the Southside, the 3rd crossing, an expanded Midtown tunnel, an expanded US 460 and the Southeastern Parkway. In other words, despite the incredibly vocal nay-sayers, there is an overwhelming amount of support for mass transit. Perhaps it is time to forward this poll and story onto our legislators in Richmond and let them know that we already know how to solve our transportation problems; they just need to stroke the check.




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