Thank You, Walt Taylor

13 04 2008

As everyone has heard for the past week or so, The VA Pilot completely screwed up its student art show. After 2 different art experts chose two different works of art as winner, they picked some random employees to judge. The first winner was a nude self-portrait and the second was a nude pregnant torso. Both of these were very artistically done and deserved a prize, but the Pilot decided that nudity was inappropriate for a student art gallery (even though the first painting did not even show anything). Regardless, even though the Pilot eventually ran a picture of the pregnant torso, it refused to run a picture of the self-portrait. They claimed that because it was a self-portrait of a minor they couldn’t run it. It was aired on the TV news stations and it was a very modest painting. This said, I must thank Walt Taylor, the artist of the Sketchbook in the ‘Sunday Forum’ section of the paper. He got his own sketch of the painting into his feature. Thank You, Mr. Taylor, for being the only one at the Pilot not afraid to actually print on controversial topics. The rest of the paper seems content at having mediocre news that comes from everyone else except its own writers. Maybe one day we can get a newspaper that actually can show us what good journalism is all about.

PS- He also mentioned the HRT transfer point:
….although he fails to mention that its not entirely HRT’s fault…




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