New Cedar Grover Tranfer – A Review

1 04 2008

I finally got to ride to the new Cedar Grove Transfer point today. I must say, HRT did a wonderful job considering they had a week to complete it. There are however some issues that I noticed that should be addressed.

1- First, the whole transfer path needs to be widened. There were a number of buses who were delayed because they couldn’t get by the bus in front of them.

2- They need to designate the shelters for particular bus routes. Currently, it is very difficult if you are waiting at the entrance end and your bus pulls in and doesn’t stop until the exit end. This is especially difficult for riders who have difficulties walking.

3- There should be info boards between the shelters. They should point the way to the bus that you need (see above). They should also have a route map for every route served at that location.

4- I understand certain buses have 10-15 minute layovers. They should stay in the loop to allow passengers to board. It is very frustrating for people who think that their bus has left without them. Also if route 3, for example, unloads at the exit end, all the passengers looking for #3 will move to that end. Then as they arrive, their bus leaves to go park outside for 15 minutes. They wait and then 15 minutes later, the #3 pulls back in and stops at the entrance end. Now all of these passengers must walk the whol way back to the bus.

5- The 310 needs to be more frequent during peak times. I watched the 310 pull into Cedar Grove and it was so full, there was no more standing room. This is not only uncomfortable but it is dangerous in case of an emergency.

6- The 310 needs to be routed slightly different. It should leave the lot and continue down Monticello until Brambleton, where it should make the turn to go to St. Paul’s. There is nothing on the first block of St. Paul’s and it would make more sense because more people get off on that particular block of Monticello.

7- The 310 needs to use the front and rear doors for unloading AND LOADING. It takes forever to load a whole bus full of people through one door.

8- There are absolutely NO notices alerting passengers of the 310 on its route. I observed a passenger actually pass up the 310 to wait for his number.




9 responses

1 04 2008
Michael Ragsdale

1 – Agreed
2 – Just like every other transit agency. Would only be useful if 1 was applied
3 – Agreed
4 – Or let us board on Salter
5 – Yes. Every 5 minutes peak (for example)?
6 – For Greyhound access. Yep
7 – Very, very true. Especially since it’s FREE. I wonder if this has to do with trying to get a headcount?
8 – Yeah. When I went to Cedar Grove, all I heard was “Catch the Free Shuttle”. No one was clear about anything. Granted, the 6 makes one stop on St. Paul’s. Someone rang the bell after we left the stop (wanting to go to the Greyhound station) and weren’t too thrilled having to walk to Cedar Grove (not even bothering to ride the 310).

HRT: Please don’t forget the portajohns

1 04 2008
Russell Manning

4- To board on Salter they would need a whole new fence as well. the current one does not have any access to Salter.
6- The city wouldn’t go for that. They want to tear down the Greyhound place and build something. Currently, there is talk of a replacement Kirn going up on that block.

1 04 2008
Russell Manning

The area needs better lights and a constant security presence. At night, it is a secluded spot with buses every hour. There is one security truck for the lot, but it normally sits up front and I think its done after the cars are gone.

1 04 2008
Avenging Archangel

I’m going to disagree on a few:

1. I made that point on my blog yesterday.

2. That’s the case at NNTC and HTC. However, this is a temporary facility, so don’t expect HRT to put that much money into it.

3. A centrally-posted board or two (like mall maps) would suffice.

4. Yes

5. “Sho’ me the money”. Where did the money to pay for the 310 come from, anyway?

6. If so, the bus would have to make a left turn in the stoplight at Monticello/Brambleton. Too much of a time drag for the benefit.

7. No, you don’t want bus riders to develop that habit.

8. The Passneger Alerts went out. However, you couldn’t possibly reach everyone in a week. Besides, how did that passenger get downtown unless they took the 310 there? 🙂

1 04 2008
Michael Ragsdale

How did the passenger get Downtown in the first place? Maybe (one of the following):
These are just guesses now

* They took the 310 and forgot about it
* They took the 6, 8, 45, or 61
* They were dropped off and planned to catch the bus home
1 – Right
2 – Avenging Archangel, you have a point
3 – “Mall Maps” sound good
5 – True. Where did 310 funds come from? Still, if there was a possibility (yes, a long stretch here), run more often during peak demand
7 – They do that in the Downtown Seattle Ride Free Area (because it’s “Pay as you Leave” (you may use any door to enter the bus, but you must exit the front door) going out and “Pay as you Enter” (you must use the front door to enter; any door to exit) going to Downtown Seattle). Still, no matter how much signage King County Metro puts up, people still are clueless.
Has anyone heard from HRT about portos?

1 04 2008
Avenging Archangel

Cedar Grove reminds me of Victory Crossing issues. The then-reps from Portsmouth on the UCAC would come into meetings wanting the City of Portsmouth to make capital expenditures on the existing DTC.

The problem was that Portsmouth was already planning a new DTC there. Therefore, Portsmouth had no intention of sinking money into a DTC slated to go.

No wonder those morons aren’t on the UCAC anymore!

On the portajohns, I know HRT employees read my blog. I’ve raised the issue there twice; let’s hope they pick up on it.

2 04 2008
Russell Manning

My sources tell me that the 310 is being paid for by the city of Norfolk (much to their dismay). HRT told the city they can’t just take the transportation away, so they are running it as a temporary thing until they get some numbers on it. Im sure, noting the ridership of the 310, that it will stay.

On the issue of this being temporary: Since when? As far as anyone knows, there is no other location for this to go. HRT floated several ideas by the city and they shot down all but this one.

As for the passenger I saw downtown. As he was at the stop across from waterside, he could have come from Portsmouth on the fairy. If he did, there was no sign telling him of anything, especially if he is not a frequent rider. Online, all of the schedules have been unchanged.

2 04 2008
Michael Ragsdale

Other locations: I was at the Tide groundbreaking, and Mayor Fraim himself said one day there should be an intermodal transit center for buses, light rail, and high speed rail at Harbor Park.

2 04 2008
Russell Manning

Harbor Park has been considered as a prime location but once again say what he will, the mayors word means nothing until council directs the city manager to act accordingly. This city manager runs everything.

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