Chesapeake needs to watch it

20 03 2008

Two years ago, Corner Stone Christian Center, located off of Cedar Road, was running a skateboard program for youth. They were shut down because the city said that their use permit did not explicitly allow sports programs. Try as they might, they could not get the appropriate permit to continue their program. This, of course, was following a long drawn out battle between Corner Stone and the City of Chesapeake that involved a lawsuit, the Department of Justice, and a bad reputation for Chesapeake.
Recently, Greenbriar Christian Center, a majority white church, had the same thing. The city even shut them down. When they applied for their permit however, they get a 8-0 vote yes from City Council. Interesting, considering that their church sits about a mile from the city run skate park.
You know, this may be entirely coincidence, but it would be very interesting to compare the arguments used for each case and find out why one got their permit and one did not. This would be a good case for a citizen advisory board. Chesapeake desperately needs one. It seems to be run by people that don’t take anything but their short-sightedness into account when making decisions.




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