RE: Kirn Idea

17 03 2008

I recently emailed my idea to the Library Director. He replied that a similar idea has been posed by a local architectural firm. I am going to give him a call this week to talk more about it. Stay tuned.




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19 03 2008
Michael Ragsdale

Oh good. Can’t wait to hear more.

19 03 2008
Russell Manning

Spoke to the Library Director. I talked to him for a good half hour. He really likes this idea and sees no good reason why it cannot be a possibility. He did say, however, that the idea was turned down by the city architect (who apparently is like the supreme city planner). I have sent him my idea and requested a dialog, so lets hope for the best!

20 03 2008
Michael Ragsdale

I don’t see why it’s not possible either. I’m going to make sure this comes up at the HRT User Citizens Advisory Committee meeting on Wednesday the 26th (6:30 PM, 3400 Victoria Blvd, Hampton)

20 03 2008
Russell Manning

or I could… unless they’re lying to me, I’ll be there too. glad to see i’ll have support there

20 03 2008
Michael Ragsdale

There’s plenty of support. I may be a Beach resident, but I do make use of Kirn plenty of times so I do have a vested interest in seeing that a new library is built pronto

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