Quote of the Year

30 03 2008

“They gave you some uniforms, a badge, a gun, six bullets. They told you, ‘Don’t load that gun in here, and when you do, don’t shoot yourself.'”

-Chesapeake Police Chief, Richard Justice

….That explains ALOT….


Has everyone forgotten about our Bridges?

30 03 2008

Back when that bridge collapsed, everyone was up in arms about our local bridges. Chesapeake even had one that ranked 2 out of 100. Then they decided that for ‘security purposes’ the bridge ratings would not be released any longer. As a recap, the 22nd St. Bridge got a 2, the Gilmerton got a 3, and the Jordan got a 4. If you might recall, the I64 bridge at Willoughby got an 81.3. Keeping the I64 rating in mind, here is a sample of what an 81 gets you:

Notice the broken concrete and visible substructure? I think that it is time to demand that these problems are looked into again before a tragic accident happens here.

HRT Listened – I can work with this

30 03 2008

This is much better than leaving passengers in the lurch. This will allow downtown passengers to actually continue to reach downtown. Thank you, HRT.

Transfer Point Relocation

27 03 2008

If you haven’t heard yet, the HRT transfer point at Monticello and Charlotte will be relocated due to the construction of the Wachovia project. It will be moved to the Cedar Grove Lot.

This transfer station serves 14 bus routes. That is alot of people. So why are they moving it FARTHER away from the new light rail line? I thought they wanted the light rail to succeed. It certainly will not if they sever it from the rest of the city.
I know it takes me about 25-30 minutes to take the #3 bus down town. If I wanted to get on the light rail and go East, I could have done that. Now I will have to take the #3 down to Cedar Grove and transfer to a bus going out past downtown (like the #13). There will be no bus that services downtown except the NET, and we all know how reliable THAT is.
In order for this Light Rail to work we need to tie it in with the buses. I think that all of the bus lines should be aligned to get to the Tide stop as quickly as possible. This CAN be achieved without cutting service to customers. We need to fix this or the whole light rail project will be a waste of 232 million dollars.

Completely Unrelated

25 03 2008

This isn’t really related to much, I just thought it was funny. I take these survey things for the Virginian Pilot. This question really stuck out:

This looks like it should be on some sort of government form.

Hampton Roads Transportation Authority

20 03 2008

(sigh) Where do I start? Hampton Roads needs thA regional transportation authority, not particularly this one but we still need one. We need one that focuses on FIXING our problems and not delaying them. That means NO third crossing and NO Southeastern Parkway. We DO need a wider HRBT, a wider Downtown Tunnel and a second Midtown Tunnel. We DO need a reliable, efficient REGIONAL mass transit system. That means Regional Light Rail and a complimentary bus system. This Regional Light Rail would cost LESS THAN the 3rd Crossing. We also need a passenger rail connection to Richmond that connects to the Southside.
Currently, our VA Supreme Court has ruled that non-elected bodies cannot hold a taxing power. I agree. What I do not agree with is our illustrious General Assembly sitting back with their thumbs up their .. nose. They have the power to tax and earmark that money to transportation. They do not want to tax though, that might hurt their zero-tax reputation. They don’t think of what their reputation will be if they don’t fix our problem. Here’s an idea. Let’s just deduct the money from their pay. They don’t get paid until we get a plan. Or lock them in. They can’t leave until we have a plan. No food or water. We’d have a plan real quick. So what if they cease to exist, maybe we could get a new, progressive legislature.

Chesapeake needs to watch it

20 03 2008

Two years ago, Corner Stone Christian Center, located off of Cedar Road, was running a skateboard program for youth. They were shut down because the city said that their use permit did not explicitly allow sports programs. Try as they might, they could not get the appropriate permit to continue their program. This, of course, was following a long drawn out battle between Corner Stone and the City of Chesapeake that involved a lawsuit, the Department of Justice, and a bad reputation for Chesapeake.
Recently, Greenbriar Christian Center, a majority white church, had the same thing. The city even shut them down. When they applied for their permit however, they get a 8-0 vote yes from City Council. Interesting, considering that their church sits about a mile from the city run skate park.
You know, this may be entirely coincidence, but it would be very interesting to compare the arguments used for each case and find out why one got their permit and one did not. This would be a good case for a citizen advisory board. Chesapeake desperately needs one. It seems to be run by people that don’t take anything but their short-sightedness into account when making decisions.