We ARE still in a drought, right?

22 01 2008

According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) we in Hampton Roads are in an area classified as having a ‘severe’ drought. Now, in a drought, what is the one thing everyone should do? CONSERVE WATER. I am sure that everyone already knows this. Unless of course you have been charged with demo-ing the skating rink at MacArthur Center. Here, instead of letting the ice melt, they spray the ice with a high volume water hose in an attempt to wash away the ice. I am not kidding. Meanwhile, hundreds of gallons of water are running across the sidewalk and the street into the storm drain. I’m sure that’ll be safe tonight when it refreezes. Here’s an idea, if its cold enough where the ice wont melt, why not keep the rink open. I’m sure the net profits will be higher as opposed to draining thousands of gallons of water right into the storm drain. Come on, people.




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